Welcome to South Florida Mold Inspections! If you are searching for a company to do your mold inspection, then you have come to the right place! South Florida Mold Inspections has been performing mold inspections since 2007. Our mold assessor is one of the first mold inspectors licensed to work in South East Florida.South Florida Mold Inspections

We get many calls from potential clients looking for information on mold inspections. They generally want to know what a mold inspection consists of, and how much does it cost. Because every case is unique, we usually have to ask the client a number of questions about the home or business before we can properly answer their questions. Below is a general explanation of the process from start to finish.

  • Gather information before the initial visit regarding the condition of the major systems, and whether there have been roof leaks or recent flooding of the property.
  • Perform an on site visual inspection of the building and the systems which  affect the indoor air quality.
  • Record the temperature and relative humidity inside the property.
  • Use thermal imaging to locate hidden moisture sources that may not be visible to the human eye.
  • Take pictures and document the conditions in the written report in order to implement a plan of action, if needed.
  • When testing is indicated, samples will be collected from the area(s) of concern,  from non-complaint areas, and from an outside control.
  • Both air samples and surface samples may be taken,  if indicated.
  • Submit the written report of the findings, including a protocol for remediation, if indicated.
  • Return to perform post remediation testing upon completion of remediation to determine if the remediation was successful.

South Florida Mold InspectionMold can be dangerous so don’t risk your family’s health. The conditions that lead to mold can also do serious damage to your home. Knowledge is power! A comprehensive mold inspection is the first step on the road to correct your problem.
South Florida Mold Inspections is available in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida.

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Our mold inspection services offer competitive pricing for all your mold inspection needs Below is a list of our most popular services.

Pre-purchase inspections to identify potential mold for buyers

Don’t buy someone else’s problem! Let us inspect your potential <img src="http://sflmoldinspections.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/remediationed-150x150.jpg" alt="Mold Inspection Services" width="150" height="150" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-233" />new home for mold. Most people realize it is prudent to order a home inspection, but neglect to order a mold inspection. A home is the biggest investment most people have and the peace of mind is priceless.

Mold assessment for home owners and renters

Bad things happen all the time. Every rainy season, the phone starts ringing because of leaky roofs or windows. If you are a home owner, you will want to make repairs before the problem gets too large. If you are renting, your landlord must maintain the property in a safe manner. An absentee landlord may need proof of a problem. A mold inspection can identify an unknown problem or document a known one.

Air tests to check for elevated spore counts or surface tests to identify types of mold

Sometimes you just wonder about a smell or a dark spot on the wall or ceiling. A few simple air samples can give you answers, or alert you to a more serious problem.

Protocols for remediation projects

After the mold assessment, you will receive a written report. If mold has been identified, you will also receive a protocol for remediation. The protocol will be needed to get bids for the remediation.

Post remediation verification testing

Post remediation verification testing or clearance testing is done after the Mold Inspection Services remediation is completed. Your remediation contractor will let you know when the property is ready. The assessor will send a report that either clears the project or fails it. If the project is clear, the rebuild can begin. It it fails, the remediation contract will have to return for additional cleaning.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging with an infrared camera can detect a problem before it is visible to the naked eye. This service is part of every mold inspection or can be ordered separately. Some people ask for thermal imaging when they know there is a leak, but they are not sure exactly where it is.

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Mold FAQs

I am buying a condo unit and I am scheduled for a home inspection. Do I need a mold inspection too?

That depends, not everyone needs a mold inspection. Has the seller disclosed any previous water intrusion or mold? If so, the answer is yes! If the place has no obvious red flags, you might want to wait to see if the home inspector finds any evidence of water intrusion to decide if you want a mold inspection.

I suddenly started experiencing allergies while I am at home. My doctor suggested I get a mold inspection. Is this common?

Yes, people who suffer from allergies or headaches while at home with symptoms disappearing while away from home may be living with mold and would likely benefit from a mold inspection.

My water heater burst while I was on vacation. I came home and two rooms were flooded. I cleaned it up and don’t see any mold, should I have the air tested?

Mold can begin to grow in a very short time.  If the water saturated drywall, carpet or other porous building materials, you may have hidden mold.

I recently had a remediation done in my home. Now the remediation company says I need to have clearance testing done. Is this necessary?

Yes, you need an independent company to perform post remediation or clearance testing. This ensures the remediation company was successful at removing all the mold.

My home has  an odd smell recently.  How do I know if it is mold?

That depends, VOCs, volatile organic compounds, found in furniture, paint and some flooring can off gas unpleasant odors.  If you haven’t redecorated recently, you might want rule out mold by having the air tested.

My roof is leaking and I can see mold on the ceiling. Can I just clean it up?

No, mold on  porous surfaces such as drywall cannot be cleaned. It will have to be removed. You must have the leak fixed or replaced first.

I am renting an apartment that I believe has mold. The landlord says to just clean it up. What are my rights? 

A mold impacted property should not be rented. You may need to take legal action if the owner refuses to take care of the issue. Please get legal advice before breaking your lease.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive technology that allows the inspector to see hidden things that may not be visible to the human eye. This technology does have limitations, but an inspection using thermal imaging can reliably identify and document moisture intrusion, energy loss, and even hot spots. At JP Enterprises, we use thermal imaging mostly to locate plumbing leaks, hidden roof leaks, condensation, missing, or wet insulation, and moisture intrusion that could lead to structural damage and mold. thermal imaging

There are some limitations of thermal imaging. Some images can be difficult to interpret accurately, so the training and experience of the thermogragher is very important. Camera prices have come down quite a bit and some inspectors are using cheap, entry level cameras on jobs that require higher technology and training. Accurate measurements can be affected by differing emissivities and reflections from other surfaces. The camera is only able to directly detect surface temperatures. Weather, time of day, and job site conditions can have a substantial effect on the outcome of the inspection.

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About Us

About Us at South Florida Mold Inspections

South Florida Mold Inspections is owned and operated by JP Enterprises Home about us Inspection Services, a licensed, insured corporation located in Lighthouse Point, Florida. We are proud to be members of InterNACHI, The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. In addition, our mold assessor is a member in good standing of IAC2, a non-profit, certifying body for home inspectors who have fulfilled certain educational requirements including those in the areas of indoor air quality and water testing. Indoor air/water quality issues include Mold, Radon, Biologicals, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Pesticides, Asbestos, Bacteria and Lead.

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